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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to make your physical therapy and wellness journey easy. 

How do I prepare for my first physical therapy appointment?

Arrive at your physical therapy appointment 10-15 minutes early in order to complete paperwork. Please bring your insurance card and driver’s license/identification card to this appointment. Be prepared to pay any copayments or co-insurance that your insurance requires. It is important to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that allow you to move freely. You will likely be moving into various positions to complete your evaluation and treatment.

What can I expect from my first visit?

Every appointment will be one on one with your therapist. Your initial appointment will last 60-90 minutes and follow up appointments will last 45-60 minutes. Each session will include a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education and lifestyle modification. You will leave your visit with a home exercise program that will help you meet your physical therapy goals.

How many visits can I expect?

This varies greatly between patients and the condition we are treating. You should expect an initial appointment and at least 5-6 follow up appointments.However, there are numerous conditions that we treat that will require more frequent treatments. Your therapist will be able to give you a personalized plan of care after your initial evaluation. 

Do you accept insurance?

We are in network with several insurance companies including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Tricare/Triwest. Please contact us with questions regarding our status with your insurance company.  

What if I do not have insurance or Restore is out of network with my insurance?

If Restore is out of network with your insurance company, you may have out of network benefits that will cover our services.  However, if not, our cash based price is $200 for your initial consultation and $150 for any follow up treatments.

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